Project SPIRIT

A Community Initiative
Developed & Implemented for the Juvenile Court System

Project Spirit provides a fun, experiential approach to learning and examines real-world life principles.

Project Spirit is an active learning experience.
While participants will be challenged,
most of the challenges are intellectual.
There will be no climbing, jumping or falling.

Participant of all ages, and varying levels of physical ability, may participate. All activities take place on the ground and participants are only expected to move within the limits of their physical ability.

This program provides a forum to share ideas, thoughts and feelings about real life events and situations. Activities are designed to help participants:

  • Explore and reflect on setting goals and developing life plans
  • Identify patterns of behavior and relationships that are obstacles to success
  • Identify support systems, which are in place, and those that they need to develop
  • Reflect on who they are and who they want to be - what matters and what is really important
  • Reflect on the roles they hold as part of a family, their community (school, church, civic etc.), and as a citizen of their nation, and the world
  • Recognize how their actions affect others, and the power and influence they wield for good or ill

We address the complexities of our relationships with family, friends and acquaintances, both casual and professional, and explore why we hurt those closest to us, by talking about the following.

  • We talk about expectations, dreams and aspirations and explore how they lead to conflict in our relationships
  • We talk about perception - how we receive information from each other and how we process it.
  • We talk about the need for us to decode information in light of where an individual is and not based on our own history and experience.
  • We address the concept of trust, forgiveness, accountability, and redemption. We talk about what an apology should look like, how it should be delivered and what our expectations should be.
  • Then we wrap up the day by taking a real look at where we are.

These topics are expansive and multi faceted but this program only introduces these concepts. It lays the groundwork for many future conversations and establishes a shared experience and common language, which will aid in communication. It is for this very reason that a parent, a guardian or an adult caregiver must attend with the young participant.
Take advantage of this unique learning and bonding experience.